Grey Cat


Home from Home Cattery looks after cats of all ages and breeds.

Throughout their stay we visit them four times a day and limit the total number of guests to a maximum of 22 at any one time to ensure they always get plenty of attention. We have a run and lots of toys for them to play with but you can also bring your own too so your cat has something with them they know and love. You can also bring as much bedding as you like. Scratching posts are provided.

Most owners bring their own food too and if your cat has a special routine just let us know – whether for mealtimes or any other time. We want your cat to feel just like they do at home. Like you never left them.

All the rooms are private, heated and very secure with special ‘sneeze barriers’ that allow the cats to see each other without encroaching into the others’ space at all.

black kitten


We also love to look after kittens at Home from Home Cattery.

As with older cats we suggest you bring your own food, toys and bedding for them and let us know if there is any special routine that you would like us to follow.
We make sure kittens in particular have plenty of toys to play with during their stay and often hang these up for them so they have something to jump for – as kittens love to do! There is also plenty of space for them to run and get exercise safely.

As with all our guests, we promise to lavish them with as much love and attention as we can.

brown rabbit

Other Pets

Other small pets are also very welcome at the cattery. ​

This includes rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds, tortoises and more. ​To ensure yours has a great stay with us, we will follow any routine you have for them to the letter and if you have any extra requirements please just let us know in advance so we can ensure we are able to meet them.​

As with all our guests, it’s important you bring their food and bedding with you.